Liz Ellis has participated and worked in the sports and health field for over 30 years; she is qualified in a variety of therapies and each treatment session is professionally tailored to the individual.

Liz has an extensive sporting background which formed a strong foundation for a career in musculoskeletal health. As a teenager, Liz was selected to train with the Birchfield Harriers (the UK’s premier athletics club) where she competed in track and field events. Liz was also a competitive swimmer and she understood the importance of biomechanics and physical fitness from a young age as part of her swim training.

After her competitive days, Liz later taught swimming and horse riding to disabled adults and children, which provided a valuable insight into coordination, control, and muscle tone.

Throughout her career as a musculoskeletal specialist, Liz has worked alongside General Practitioners (GPs), physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors in clinics in the UK and has also worked successfully in private practice in both the UK and France.