Bowen Therapy (50€ per hour)

Bowen Therapy is a unique form of soft tissue manipulation that uses a combination of light pressure and rolling moves over the skin to stimulate blood flow and relaxation of the body’s muscles. As well as this, circulation can be improved to help reduce inflammation and consequently provide pain relief.

Bowen Therapy can be practiced through light clothing and as the technique does not use force it means that Bowen Therapy can be used on individuals for whom other forms of therapy may be unsuitable.

  • Bowen and children: As Bowen Therapy uses a lighter touch than many other therapies it makes it more suitable for children, especially young babies. Most treatments can be performed through light clothing and can be beneficial in relieving symptoms of colic, attention deficit disorders, asthma and many other problems associated with young children.


  • Bowen and the elderly: Due to the non-forceful methods practiced by Bowen Therapists, the technique is ideal for elderly people or those in poor health for which other therapies may not be suitable. Bowen Therapy is a superb complement to most medical treatments as the therapy promotes relaxation, improves circulation as well as stimulating the nervous system and aiding pain relief.


  • Bowen and pregnancy: Bowen Therapy is beneficial to aid relief from back ache, mood swings, sleeplessness and other discomforts associated with pregnancy. Bowen can also be used as a complement to both men and women who are trying to conceive and has been proven to help with fertility issues.



  • Bowen and sport: Bowen is becoming increasingly popular within the sporting community, with many rugby and football clubs employing a permanent Bowen practitioner in place of other therapists. Bowen is especially useful in relieving symptoms of tennis elbow, groin strain, tight hamstrings, back ache and muscular aches.


  • Bowen and healthy living: Bowen Therapy has wide implications for everyday life; reduction in back pain and RSI are the two most common treatment areas and some clients choose to have regular “top up” treatments every month or so to maintain a healthy, balanced body and to nip any discomforts in the bud before they develop into bigger issues.


  • Bowen and Business: Bowen has a particularly strong record of success in the treatment of back pain, which is responsible for some 14 million working days lost every year in Britain. It regularly provides relief to sufferers for whom conventional treatment has failed to help.