Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage (50€ per hour)

Pregnancy massage is a relaxing and safe way to switch off and ease discomfort during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage shares many of the benefits of regular, therapeutic massage but is also tailored specifically to the needs to pregnant women and their changing bodies. Carrying a baby changes your centre of gravity, puts strain on the back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. The pelvis can also be pulled forward which can contribute to a lower back ache. Pregnancy massage targets these areas and lymphatic drainage can also be applied to the lower limbs can alleviate fluid build-up and help avoid varicose veins.

It is important that you are in a comfortable position during the treatment, and Liz has various forms of additional support, such as cushions, bolsters, and specially designed foam pieces. Side-lying or seated positions can be used for back and pelvic massage, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of massage right up until the end of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and postnatal massage have been found to have a positive impact on:

  • Fibrosis, muscle spasms, and cramps
  • Muscle tone and imbalance
  • Weight-bearing joints e.g. sacroiliac joint, lumber, spine and mid-back
  • Tension, headache, fatigue, sleep problems
  • Lowering blood pressure, improved blood and lymph circulation
  • Reducing puffy lower legs and ankles
  • Maintaining skin elasticity and reducing stretch marks
  • Management of digestive problems e.g. constipation, gas, nausea
  • Deeper, easier breathing

It is recommended that you wait until after the first trimester before you enjoy a massage, and consult with your doctor before booking your appointment if you have had any complications.