I am a keen sportsman and I like to run, play rugby and cycle. I first visited Liz after a running injury and she soon had me on the mend. I now attend the clinic pre-running and post-running events, to help prevent injury. She is also excellent at putting together an exercise and rehabilitation programme which I find useful in between visits. Would definitely recommend Liz as she is very knowledgeable about sports injuries and how best to treat them.

Adrian E. Aged 53. Body maintenance

Liz has been treating me for several years now; I visit the clinic for a therapeutic massage every few weeks. I find it helps me relax and eases anxiety that I tend to suffer with. I always know when I leave the clinic I will feel much better and far more relaxed than an hour earlier. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She always makes me feel better.

Faith M. Aged 78. Relaxation

When I first visited the clinic I had injured my shoulder. Within two visits the problem had eased and I could resume my usual activities. I like to play tennis regularly and being that bit older now realise I should make time to look after my body with regular treatments. Liz lives locally so always makes time to fit me in if I need her.

Sylvia P. Aged 69. Shoulder injury.

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and the tablets prescribed by my GP did little to alleviate the intense pain in my face and jaw. Through research into ‘alternative’ options to pain killer and prescription drugs, I discovered the clinic website. With no prior knowledge of the technique or background to the treatment, I visited Liz to see if she could help me. She listened to my problem and I can honestly say, that after just ONE treatment, the pain stopped! It was unbelievable! This treatment is gentle and painless. I would recommend anyone to try the Bowen Technique with Liz.

Barry B. Aged 57. Trigeminal Neuralgia

I have had terrible problems with my spine and pelvis and felt out of alignment. I have had physio and chiropractic work before but nothing seemed to take the pain away. I had a series of Bowen treatments with Liz every week for four weeks and now I feel far more comfortable. I am not waking in the night as I was before not being able to get comfortable. I ca get out of bed easier in the mornings and feel far less stiff and I can get up onto the clinic couch without feeling like it is an ordeal. I am so pleased I have tried Bowen and feel it works for me.

Amanda P. Aged 89. Spine/pelvic discomfort

My three-week-old baby has had dreadful colic and I visited the clinic twice over a period of seven days. The relief was very quick to see my baby visibly relaxed and the tummy pain was very much easier after one treatment and after the second Bowen treatment the colic was gone. My baby is now much happier and the restlessness and unsettled patterns have gone. The treatment was very light to the touch, gentle and very relaxing. Liz has a wonderful way with babies and clearly loves her work.

Jayne P. Aged 27. Baby 3 weeks. Colic

Liz has used the Bowen Technique on me over a period of twelve months, during which she has made a vast difference to my health and well-being. I highly recommend her for her practical, caring and customer-focused approach. She is diligent, highly professional and above all gets results. Excellent.

Diana H. Aged 46. Relaxation and wellbeing.

I attend the clinic having sustained a back injury after falling through the loft! I had a continual throbbing ache in the base of my spine which was having a major impact on my day to day life. I couldn’t sit for long periods and driving became increasingly difficult, not only sitting my rotating my spine to put on a seat belt. Despite scans at the hospital no obvious damage showed but I was still in a lot of pain and I needed some relief.

After just a couple of treatments I felt more flexible and there was less restriction in movement. I found the treatment to be very effective but gentle and I felt very confident after the first treatment that the Bowen Technique suited me.

After three treatments, the ache in the base of my spine had gone and my body felt better overall, far more flexible, and I seemed to have more energy. I will definitely be having a treatment every so often just to keep on top of things.

Tony C. Aged 52. Back injury.

I have had sinusitis for about 18 months which causes intense pressure headaches above and below my eyes and across my forehead. I had been reliant on prescription painkillers and advised to have surgery (which I didn’t want). After the first treatment, I noticed a reduction I pressure and after a couple of treatments my sinus headache had completely gone.

I have had a couple of treatments since then and Liz always manages to relieve any pressure and prevents the headache from developing. I would certainly recommend Liz to family and friends.

Hannah E. Aged 26. Sinusitis

After an operation for lymphoma cancer resulting in me having a neck dissection and having 27 lymph nodes removed, I was suffering with pain and swelling in my neck from the scar tissue. I had several treatments which helped greatly in reducing the swelling and lessened the pain; it also gave me more movement in my neck and shoulder. The muscles in my neck became more relaxed which enabled me to start driving again and return to work.

I have really enjoyed my treatments and the improvement was remarkable. I felt more energized and now have regular top-up treatments every 4 – 6 weeks to maintain my improved health.

Judy W. Aged 62. Lymphedema

I received a Bowen treatment after an old ankle injury started causing me pain again. The treatment was very gentle and relaxing. I really helped. I would recommend Bowen to all; it’s an amazing therapy.

Anita P. Aged 26. Ankle pain

I had a fall from my horse when she slipped on the tarmac road and fell over – me with her! My right side literally shouldered the force and absorbed the shock and a few days later I began to get pain in my shoulder, arm and neck on the right-hand side. I found it most difficult to turn in the saddle and look behind my right shoulder to check traffic / safety to cross roads. The same when driving too.

I decided to ask Liz for help and described my symptoms being similar to whiplash, having headaches across my right and left temples too.

Liz was great, easy to approach and listened carefully to my problem. She recommended soft tissue remedial therapy which works on the whole body, not just the injured area. This seemed to make good sense as it had affected my whole feeling of well-being and comfort.

It took just 3 treatments with Liz to make me feel much better. She has a lovely, kind approach and I felt in good hands. Thank you Liz, you put the joy back into my hobby. I know where to come if I need further help.

Debbie P. Aged 49. Whiplash